DSC_0162 girlfriends dance crop copyrightHave a question about writing? I’m here to listen.

Facebook: Sheree K Nielsen, Author

Twitter @ShereeKNielsen

Instagram: shereenielsen

email: oceanspiritpublishing (at) gmail (dot) com.



I’m available for freelance projects as well.  Here are few customer favorites:


The Use of Photography in Free Verse Poetry

A one hour and 15 minute workshop touching on nature poetry (popular poets), seeing what’s not in your picture frame, the use of photography, lyrical words, showing not telling, and a writing assignment. My poetry and photography collection, Mondays in October will be used as a reference for this workshop.


“Every Picture Tells a Story” Workshop

A two-hour creative writing workshop stressing the importance of photography in writing. (Taught to veterans at the Jefferson Barracks VA)

I’ll reference Ann Lamott’s book “Bird by Bird – Instructions on Writing and Life” as part of the workshop curriculum, including my photography, and writing aids for “hands-on” class exercises.


Book Discussion Groups

I’d love to discuss Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits – An Emerson-Inspired Essay Collection on Travel, Nature, Family and Pets.

This book uncovers the wanderlust in my soul, defining moments of clarity in life and experiencing nature’s majesty – through beach and scuba diving adventures; lyrical dances with dolphins, sharks, sea-loving dogs; walks on the beach, or stepping foot on the hallowed ground of my Uncle Willie’s farm.

On our discussion, we’ll talk about how to link the universal beauty around you that Ralph Waldo Emerson speaks of in his ninth essay, “The Oversoul”, to your own experiences — every leaf, every drop, every creature, and every being.

Everyone should have a copy of the book before we meet.


Inspirational Readings: Church congregations or public groups

I’ll share my essay on finding hope again, entitled “Finding My Religion”, published in Whispering Angel Books, Soul Survivors – From Trauma to Triumph.

(Email for pricing on all above)


Book Cover Photography; Photos for Publications

My personal photo gallery is available for use in your book cover design. Visit Ocean Spirit Photography’s facebook page for ideas, or tell me what you’re looking for — I’ll find it in my collection.

My photography appears on the cover, or inside:

South and North Brunswick Magazine, Cuivre River Anthology IV, Folly Beach Dances, Modern Magazine (NY), Missouri Life, AAA Southern Traveler, AAA Midwest Traveler, Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors series, Shifts – A Women’s Anthology of Hope Through Change, among others…


2 thoughts on “CONTACT ME

  1. Hi Sheree,

    I met you when I was temporarily working at the Siteman check-in desk. We talked about photography and our love of cats… I came across your business card in my wallet and wanted to say hello and ask how you are doing. I signed up for email updates and am excited to read some of your posts.

    I have been dabbling with writing a series of children’s books. I have the stories in my head and just need to get them down. Maybe you could mentor me?

    Take care!
    Diana Madrid

    • Dear Diana,

      It is so nice to hear from you. How are you cat babies?

      We should talk about your project? Feel free to email, call me or even connect with me through Ocean Spirit Photography on facebook.

      Hope you are doing well.


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