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A multi-award winning author, photographer, and poet, I freelance for many publications nationwide, including AAA Midwest and Southern Traveler, and pen inspirational essays weaving universality through family, nature and travel.

FOLLY BEACH DANCES” – The Infinite Rhythms of a South Carolina Seashore, is my greatest achievement. The ‘healing’ coffee table book was published in May 2014, by Ocean Spirit Photography. In April, 2015, Folly Beach Dances received the Da Vinci Eye Award from the Eric Hoffer Foundation for excellence in book cover design, as well as Art Category finalist distinction.

My love affair with Folly Beach, South Carolina is expressed through lyrical photographs and dance names telling the story of sandpipers, babies, dogs, and structures moving in infinite rhythm with the sea. Literary interpretations from 5 amazing award-winning women authors, myself and husband compliment our photography.

FOLLY BEACH DANCES is dedicated to dreamers, dancers, beach lovers, the residents of Folly Beach, South Carolina, and all those with ailments.

It’s a journey that will transport anyone back to the beach – no matter your worries, no matter where you are.

For two consecutive years, I received First Place for Photography from the Missouri Humanities Council and the Warrior Arts Alliance –  September 2014 for “Jimmie on the Pier”, and in October 2013 – “Dear Kindred Spirit”.

The photos were selected for inclusion in Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors Volume 2 and 3.

Chosen by my peers, I was the recipient of the People’s Choice Award, First Place for Non-Fiction, Storyteller Magazine, April-June 2010 for my essay titled “The Forecast Called for Rain.”

I credit my deep affinity for the ocean, nature and savory food to my parents.  My father, a chief petty officer in World War II, spun tales of exotic ports of call and countless ‘fish’ stories.  My mother, a sketch artist, master gardener and German cook, developed my sense of taste and sight, and feel.  Regular road trips led our family to the Southeast and Great Lakes regions.


diving in Virgin Gorda

As a member of Saturday Writers, I have served on their board as Membership Chair, Photographer and Publicity Chair. Other professional memberships include Board Liaison Officer for Missouri Writer’s Guild, Columbia Chapter of Missouri Writer’s Guild, and Saint Louis Writer’s Guild. In the fall, I teach a workshop to veterans – “Every Pictures Tells a Story.”

Frequently, I can be seen sipping non-fat extra hot cappuccinos from Starbucks while riding around town with my doggle-wearing Australian shepherd, Sabrina, and my big goofy Bernese Mountain Dog/Aussie mix, Bordeaux.

A 16 year old black cat diva, and recently adopted stray (and two of her kittens) complete my family. (AKA – crazy cat lady.)

I tweet at @ShereeKNielsen & @follybeachdance.

Follow Folly Beach Dances  on facebook.

Also check out Ocean Spirit Photography on facebook.

Visit my Awards, Publications, and Project Page for more information.


Eric Geise Photography

Eric Geise Photography


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