My work appears in the books and publications listed below. (recent publications listed first)



South Brunswick Magazine, Bridging Past and Present – To better reflect its mission, Old Bridge Preservation Society changes its name to Old Bridge Historical Society, Fall 2019, pgs 41-46; online story

Mondays in October, a poetry and photography collection, July 30, 2019 – ROYAL DRAGONFLY BOOK AWARDS – FIRST PLACE – POETRY, FIRST PLACE – FINE ART/PHOTOGRAPHY, HONORABLE MENTION – COFFEE TABLE BOOKS.  A beautiful 8.5 x 8.5 full color softcover book from Shanti  and available online, click here

Life in Brunswick County, Old Bridge Links Past to Present, June 10, 2019 online

Life in Brunswick County, A Patch of “Bleu” by the Sea – this unique beach boutique offers style and inspiration, June 4, 2019 online

Still Point Art Gallery, May 1, Underwater photography, Anemone, Grouper – page 3; Seaspray page 4, Our Beautiful Planet Contest

Southern Writers Suite T,  “Turning Lemons into Lemonade – Writing Through Life’s Storms”, March 25, 2019

Heart and Humanity website, February 9, 2019, a poem about my chemotherapy journey, “Seventeen Days Since My Veins Were Filled With Poison”

Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits – An Emerson-Inspired Essay Collection on Travel, Nature, Family and Pets, September 25, 2018 (Ocean Spirit Publishing)

Midnight, the One-Eyed Cat, a picture book for 4-6 year olds, September 4, 2018 (Treehouse Publishing) Nominated for a Chanticleer Little Peeps Award!

Long Weekends, Fall Winter 2018, Girlfriend Getaways, “There Goes the Neighborhood”, (photo page 76 , story page 77, 12 South Neighborhood, Nashville, TN)

“Life Changer – Brunswick Christian Recovery Center in Ash helps men on the path to healing from addiction”, South Brunswick Magazine, Summer 2018, pgs. 79-81

Well Versed 2018 Prose and Poetry, June 2018, “Sweet Soles” (essay pg. 100), “Mondays in October”, “Visual Perceptions”, and “Raspberry Point” (poetry pgs 141-143)

“Dawg House Grill Too is a Mighty Business”, South Brunswick Magazine, June 14, 2018 (online)

Long Weekends, Spring Summer 2018, Girlfriend Getaways, “Got Goats”, (story page 97 on Shenanigoats Yoga, Nashville, TN)

“Luck of the Irish”, South Brunswick Magazine, Spring 2018, pgs 90, 91, 92

Breaking Sad, She Writes Press, December 2017, “My Morning Delight” (story page 188, thoughts on loss page 189)

Christmas Shop in Calabash is Worth the Trip, North Brunswick Magazine, November 28, 2017 (online); in print – pg 97- Winter 2017-2018 issue

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors Volume 6, November 2017, “Alfred Rodrigues – Pearl Harbor Survivor”, page 127 (photograph)

AAA Southern Traveler, Nov-Dec 2017, “Celebrate South Walton Style”, Welcoming the New Year at one of 16 coastal dune communities, pgs34-35. Feature and photos.

Waterfront Seafood Shack in Calabash Delivers Dreams, South Brunswick Magazine, October 26, 2017 (online), Voted 1 of 5 top stories in 2017 by the readers!

Brunswick Environmental Action Team Serves our Coast, South Brunswick Magazine, August 24, 2017 (online)

The Best of Funds for Writers, Volume One,  August 2017, – “Tips on Being a Travel Writer for AAA”, pgs. 83-85

Causeway Gourmet Creates Community Through Food,  South Brunswick Magazine, July 27, 2017 (online)

Janet Jonas Helps Dogs Through Touch, South Brunswick Magazine, June 29, 2017 (online)

Boys to Men Mentoring Program, South Brunswick Magazine, April 27, 2017 (online)

Well Versed Literary Works 2017, Book Launch June 4, 2017, “The L Word” (essay), “Living Water”, “Red Dog’s Observations”, and “To The Seashore” (poems)

AAA Midwest Traveler – May/June 2017 – “What’s Up in Michigan”, pgs  30-34, feature and photos. Exploring the lighthouses, waterfalls, and beaches of the Upper Peninsula, Michigan (print and online)

Southern Writers Magazine, March 22, 2017 – Suite T blog, “Show, Don’t Tell”

Page and Spine, Reading Lamp – “The L Word”, a poem about my lymphoma diagnosis – March 10, 2017

AAA Southern Traveler – March/April 2017 – “Bank on a Good Time“, pgs  38-40. Feature and photos. Exploring the lighthouses and history of the Outer Banks, North Carolina

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Vol. 5 – “Contemplation”, photography, page 183 – November 2016.

Streetscape Magazine – “It’s All About Water – Making a Splash” Lake of the Ozarks, pgs 80-81, July/Aug 2016

AAA Southern Traveler – July/August 2016 – “American in Paradise” pgs 42-45. Feature and photos. Exploring St. John’s, USVI, beaches, restaurants and shops

AAA Midwest Traveler – July/August 2016 – “American in Paradise” pgs 42-45. Feature and photos. Exploring St. John’s, USVI, beaches, restaurants and shops pgs 44-46.

Whispering Angel Books, Soul Survivor: Trauma to Triumph – essay “Finding My Religion” – July 2016, pgs 70-72

Well Versed Literary Works 2016 – Second Place – Nonfiction, April 2016, “The Stranger” (essay); “Black Cat” (poetry) –  June 2016

Women’s Memoirs First Paragraph Contest, editor Matilda Butler – Publication Date TBA

Southern Writer’s Magazine, Suite T blog – “The Story Behind Folly Beach Dances” – May 18, 2016

Southern Writer’s Magazine – March/April 2016 – “Tips for Success in Travel Writing” page 30-31

AAA Southern Traveler – January 2016 – “Southern Sophistication” – feature story and photos about the Holy City, Charleston, SC

Missouri Life – August 2015 – “A World’s Fair Home”, pgs 84-87.

Funds for Writers – pub date – June 26 2015- “On Being a Travel Writer for AAA

Laugh Until You Pee website – June 16, 2015 – “Bad Juju” from the NYMB on Travel series

AAA Southern Traveler – May/June 2015 – “Moveable Feasts – feature story and photos by Sheree K. Nielsen

AAA Southern Traveler – May/June 2015 – “How Sweet It Is – Charming South Carolina town touted as the birthplace of sweet tea” – feature story and photos by Sheree K. Nielsen

Well Versed Literary Works 2015 – April 2015, “Steadfast”, “Stargazing” (poetry); “The Dolphin’s Dance” (essay)

“Winter Solstice Anthology” – February 2015 – “Christmas Eve with the Cousins” – an essay about a Christmas tradition

“Shifts – An Anthology of Women’s Growth Through Change” – December 2014 – Front and Back Cover Photography – “Glass Window Bridge”

Missouri Life – December 2014 – “Here Comes a Regular” restaurant review of Blue Sky Cafe in Winghaven, page 67.

AAA Midwest Traveler – November/December 2014 “Beautiful by Nature” pgs. 32-34.

AAA Southern Traveler – November/December 2014 “Beautiful by Nature” pgs. 28,29,36.

Missouri Life – October/November 2014- “Over the River and Through the Wood” (A Thanksgiving food feature story) pgs. 87 – 91

Proud to Be: Writing by  American Warriors, Volume III – “Meet Jimmie McInnis – Bronze Star Recipient” (essay) and “Jimmie (pier), photography;  “Jimmie McInnis, photography  – November 15, 2014

Not your Mother’s Book on Cats, Publishing Syndicate –  September 2014 – “Breakfast with the Queen”  (A sweet story about our butter-loving black cat)

Not Your Mother’s Book on Family, Publishing Syndicate – July 15  – “Mom’s Best Advice” about stupid things I did as a child.

Modern Magazine, New York, NY (Architectural) – Summer 2014 feature story, “Open House – The restored Kraus House in St. Louis is a Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian Gem”, Photography (3 exterior, 1 interior) Frank Lloyd Wright House, Ebsworth Park, Kirkwood, Missouri

Folly Beach Dances 2015 Da Vinci Eye Award Winner, 2015 Eric Hoffer Book Award Finalist (Art)

May 1 (Ocean Spirit Photography, hardcover, photos, 88 pages) – A ‘healing’ coffee table book about Folly Beach, South Carolina, where people, nature and beachside structures dance in harmony with the sea and changing tides.  Sheree Nielsen – Author, Photographer, Editor, (Co-author, photographer – Russell Nielsen), Contributions by 5 award-winning women authors

Well Versed Literary Works 2014, May 2014  release – “Show Me the Chocolate”, “Morning Delight”, “Modern Resonance”, and “Ode to Sunset Beach”; Photography – “Kindred Spirit”

Go! Magazine (AAA) – February/March 2014 – “Sunset Beach – North Carolina’s Hidden Gem”

Missouri Life – December 2013 issue – The Chocolate Bar, restaurant review and photography

AAA Southern Traveler Nov-Dec 2013 – “Packaged Deal” story and photos, pages 32- 33

AAA Midwest Traveler Nov-Dec 2013 – “Packaged Deal” story and photos, pages 32-33

Proud to Be: Writing by  American Warriors, Volume II – “Dear Kindred Spirit” and “Kindred Spirit”, photography, book launch November 15, 2013

Missouri Life – October 2013 issue – Inspiring People Feature story – “License to Soar – Patrice Billing’s love of adventure and flying opened the way to a life of firsts” – pages 106, 107

Missouri Life – August 2013 issue – Feature story – “White Cliff Manor – A Missouri Relic’s Foreign Past” – A restoration revives a European-inspired home in the Mississippi River Valley, pages 94-97

MidLife Collage Writing Contest – Week of July 8, 2013 – Essay – “The Perfect Day” , Finalist (tied for first)

Well Versed Literary Works 2013 – “Breakfast with the Queen” , “The Girl with the Dunce Cap”, and “Winter’s Kiss” –  June, 2013

Not Your Mother’s Book on Travel, Publishing Syndicate – “No Bad Juju Allowed” about my personal account of Tropical Storm Jerry; March 26, 2013.

AAA Southern Traveler March 2013 – “Kentucky Calling” story and photos

AAA Midwest Traveler March 2013 – “Kentucky Calling” story and photos

Missouri Life – February 2013 issue – Feature story, photography heavy – “Gateway to Wright” – A Frank Lloyd Wright home showcases organic architecture in St. Louis, pages 78-81

Winghaven Life – January 2013 issue – Feature story and photos of friend Donna Wallace’s home decked for the holidays entitled “Donna’s Winter Home”.

Missouri Life – Happy Holidays issue – Photo of Chef Jason McGraw, executive chef for Levy Restaurants, Edward Jones Dome, in the Rams lockeroom – page 77, December 2012 issue

The Animal Anthology Project – Essay entitled “Purrs, Paws, and Cat Scratch Kisses”  – published November 2012.

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors – Photography – “Army Mom” publication date November 1, 2012. (Photo to be published with release date)

AAA Southern Traveler July/August 2012 – “Inside the Bahamas Out Islands”

AAA Midwest Traveler July/August 2012 – “Inside the Bahamas Out Islands”

St. Charles Patch –  “Couple’s Colorful Rose Garden Captivates Visitors” – June 27, 2012 (accompanied by 10 photos)

St. Charles Patch –  “Family-Owned Produce Stand Has Country Charm”  – June 18, 2012 (accompanied by 12 photos)

St. Charles Patch – “Hostas Thrive in President of Garden Society’s Backyard” – May 28, 2012 (accompanied by 9 photos)

Wentzville Patch – “Wentzville Opens Arms for Motorcyclists Making Trek to Nation’s Capitol” – May 24, 2012 (accompanied by 18 photos)

St. Charles Patch – “Gardener Builds A Sustainable Backyard” – April 24, 2012 (accompanied by 9 photos)

The Eleutheran 2012, Bahamas – Island Girl” –  page 51, 52 and 53 – April 11, 2012

St. Charles Patch (an AOL company) – “Sheri Menscher Finds Creative Outlet in Her Garden” – April 10, 2012 (including five photos)

The Abaconian Newspaper, Abaco, Bahamas – “The Edge” accompanied by my husband’s photo of a ten-foot black tip reef shark, March 15, 2012, pages 11 and 18

Missouri Life –  “Hearty Irish Fare” – McGurks Public House restaurant review February 2012, page 65 accompanied by my photo of a scrumptious Iowa porkchop.

Missouri Life Outdoors for the Holidays issue Dec 2011/Jan 2012  “The Horse Knows the Way” – horse drawn sleigh rides are a nostalgic winter treat.  Also on page 46 you will find another photo of Rachel, a Percheron Draft Horse. (link on my blog post)

CHAMP Assistance Dogs website “Heather and Clover”, January 2012

St. Charles Patch (an AOL company) – “Percussionists Take the Stage at Music Competition” , August 29, 2011 (photo viewfinder)

St. Charles Patch (an AOL company) – “St. Charles Celebrates Missouri’s Statehood Day” , August 11, 2011  (photo viewfinder – 14 photos)

St. Charles Patch (an AOL company) – “Garden Party: Tour a Master Gardener’s Not-So-Secret Garden” –  July 11, 2011 (including six photos)

Missouri Life Magazine –  Jilly’s Cupcake Bar (food review), June/July 2011, page 86, accompanied by my personal photo of a delectable cupcake

Whispering Angels Books Nurturing Paws Anthology July 2011 – “Purrs, Paws, and Cat Scratch Kisses”  recommended by US Review of Books –

Big Muddy – A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley summer 2011 – Photos “Waterview” and “Hands Across the Water” (photos on blog post)

C.H.A.M.P. Assistance Dogs website January 9, 2011 A Volunteer’s Viewpoint

Cuivre River Anthology V – “The Mimosa Tree”; Photo “Relaxin’ by the Pond”

Storyteller Magazine, AR – People’s Choice Award, First Place for Non-Fiction April/May/June 2010 – “The Forecast Called for Rain”

Monroe County Illinois Suburban Journals – “Uncle Willie’s Cabin”October 13, 2010

Folly Current Newspaper, Folly Beach, SC –

“Carolina Delight”  poem – April 15, May 15, June 13 2011 (also on family blog page)

Glimpses of Folly Beach Dances, The Folly Current” – October 15, 2010

“Return to Folly Beach” – May 14, 2010 accompanied by a personal photo

“The Perfect Day” – October 16, 2009 accompanied by a personal photo

Cuivre River Anthology IV – “The Perfect Day” – April 2010

Saturday Writers Newsletter, St. Peters, MO –

“Mine the Memories” Summer 2010;

“Writing Style” Fall 2009

Saturday Writers Newsletter – “Okeechobee Valmeyer Fish Fry” – Notable Entry, October 2010

St. Charles Suburban Journals –

December 8, 2010 “Holiday Horror Stories” Contest Winner

December 2, 2009 Holiday Traditions Contest Winner “Christmas Eve with the Cousins”

St. Charles Convention Center Expedition Newsletter – Employee of the Month Interviews, 2007-2009; IAAM Silent Auction May 2007, all documents and procedures

Caribbean Travel and Life “Postcards” Section –

“Describe your Favorite Caribbean Coral Reef” – December 2003

“The Most Romantic Spot in the Caribbean” – February 2004



2017 All Write Now! Writer’s Conference, Cape Girardeau, Missouri- July 2017

  • First Place – Nonfiction Essay –  “Sweet Soles”
  • Second Place – Poetry – “Visual Perceptions”
  • Third Place – Poetry – “Their Fourth Date”
  • Honorable Mention – Nonfiction Essay – “In Search of My Kindred Spirit”

Well Versed Literary Works 2017 – Second Place – Nonfiction, April 2017, “The L Word”

Foundry Art Centre Form and Function exhibit. “Horizontality, Simplicity, Monumentality” (F L Wright Home in Ebsworth Park) Juried. One of 29 artists selected from 11 states. May 6-June 17, 2016

Missouri Writer’s Guild Conference 2016 – Third Place – Best Magazine Article – “How Sweet It Is” (published in AAA Southern Traveler)

Missouri Writer’s Guild Conference 2016 – Second Place – Best Poem, “Steadfast”

Well Versed Literary Works 2016 – Second Place – Nonfiction, April 2016, “The Stranger”

Da Vinci Eye Award for excellence in book cover design – Folly Beach Dances – The Infinite Rhythms of a South Carolina Seashore- April 2015, from the Eric Hoffer Foundation

Art Category Finalist, Eric Hoffer Foundation, Folly Beach Dances, April 2015

Well Versed Literary Works 2015 – Second Place – Poetry, April 2015 for “Steadfast”

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors Volume 3, First Place, Photography, “Jimmie on the Pier” September 2014.

First Paragraph Contest by Women’s Memoirs – Honorable Mention – September 2014 for “Ocean Spirit – The Journey of a Woman’s Soul”

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors Volume 2, First Place, Photography, “Dear Kindred Spirit” October 2013.  Award presentation November 15, UMSL.

People’s Choice Award, First Place for Non-Fiction – Storyteller Magazine, Apr/May/June 2010 for “The Forecast Called for Rain”

Missouri’s Writer’s Guild 2013 President’s Contest – Best Article in a Magazine, Anthology or Journal – Sponsored by Missouri Life — 3rd Place — “Inside the Bahamas Out Islands” published in AAA Midwest and AAA Southern Traveler August 2012

Well Versed Literary Works 2013 – Honorable Mention, February 2013 – “Breakfast with the Queen”

Saturday Writers Travel and Short Story or Essay Contest, September 2012 – Honorable Mention – “Spot the Dolphin”

Liebster Blog Award, December 6, 2011 – awarded by Uptown Dog blog site

Missouri Writer’s Guild 2012 President’s Contest – Best Poem, Sponsored by Mozark Press3rd Place — “Carolina Delight” published in the Folly Current Newspaper, SC – April 15, May 15, June 13 2011

Missouri Writer’s Guild 2012 President’s Contest – Best Newspaper Article or Column, Sponsored by Missouri Press Association – 2nd Honorable Mention —  “Garden Party: Tour A Master Gardener’s Not-So-Secret Garden” published in AOL/St. Charles Patch, July 11, 2011

“Dead of Winter” Non-fiction contest, Sponsored by the Write Helper –  8th Place for “The Pillars of Hercules” March 2011


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