MIDNIGHT THE ONE-EYED CAT (a picture book)

Final Cover 2_Midnight

Happy Book Birthday to Midnight! September 4 is our official LIVE date for Midnight, the One-Eyed Cat to meet the world! I’m so glad it’s here. Midnight is available on Amazon now!

Having only one eye can be devastating, but, Midnight, the One-Eyed Cat, learns to build confidence, regain her spirit, and become the best she can be with the help of her most unlikely friend, Starlight, the Three-legged Rat.

Pat Wahler and I signed a contract with Amphorae Publishing Group for our picture book for 4-6 year olds, Midnight, the One-Eyed Cat, slated for publication September 2018.

Spring of 2017, Janelle Dimmett, of Whimsical Illustrations, signed on as our illustrator for the picture book!

The final cover is above! I just love it.

Here’s a book trailer that Pat Wahler and I made posted on my facebook author page. Click here to watch.

Also, here’s an interview that Pat and I did with Jennifer Blome on KTRS on the Inside Show. Click here and then scroll down to July 30, 2018. The interview starts at 1:08.

This story of courage is based loosely on my sweet 18 year old cat, Midnight. We can’t wait to share with you, the readers, her journey of courage. It’s going to be heartwarming!

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Pat Wahler, Midnight, Sheree K. Nielsen