MONDAYS IN OCTOBER – poems and photographs

I am so excited! Mondays in October, a poetry and photography collection, by Shanti Arts Publishing releases July 30, (preorder July 23) at bookstores near you, or an online venue!  It’s going to be a beautiful 8.5 x 8.5 inch full color art book! (ISBN 978-1-947067-44-8) (softcover)

I’ve dedicated the book to some kindred spirits and groups that have inspired me along the journey:

My husband, Russell Nielsen

Elise Dorsett and Marco Levati

Siteman Cancer Center nurses, St. Louis

Here’s the description for the book:

“Soulful as a cricket’s song serenading a marsh at sunset, two lovers dancing the tango in the sand, or the wind’s harmonies causing waves to lap to shore, Sheree K. Nielsen’s collection of poems and photographs, Mondays in October, suggests easy movements in nature, and a time for us to slow down…like autumn…and imagine a simpler life.

Mondays in October embraces Sheree’s unmistakable love songs for the beach, and its eternal companion – water – and the vulnerable, blissful, sensual rhythms connecting them.”


~C. Hope Clark, award-winning author of The Edisto Island Mystery series and The Carolina Slade Mysteries, says –

“Before I realize it, my world has slowed and I almost hear crashers and rollers as I turn each page of Sheree Nielsen’s Mondays in October. This book is so beautiful. I’ve seen nobody love the sea more. . . few paint it so beautifully. Her words are so genuine. My absolute favorite was Waterview Blues and read it three times it was so poignant. Dream Waltz is absolutely breathtaking. Someday, Day caught me, and I could envision the skillet. . . such a visual. And last and far from least, My Sea Shell Life gave us a private glimpse of the poet, I believe. A peek into a soul using the beach to seek solace. Mondays in October is moving, and if you have any sense of adoration for salt, the whispers and roars of the waves, or the exquisite juxtaposition of the sun’s colors against the water’s should take some moments out of their busy day and escape to the beach through Ms. Nielsen’s eyes. You deserve it. You’ll be better for it.”

Here’s the book cover with endorsements from women I truly admire. Click on the link to see front and back.


I can’t wait to share Mondays in October with the world!


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