Four Things I Know

1) My dermatologist looks more like Harrison Ford every day.   He even has the eyeglasses down pat.

2) You learn patience quickly when you have a dog that is almost 18 years old.

3) It is impossible to sleep with a woodpecker drilling on your gutters.

4) Squirrels enjoy sitting on our driveway cracking nuts.

The Woodpecker

Normally, the thought of a woodpecker conjures up images of a smart colorful bird, pecking on a tree.  Not in this case.

Yesterday, I awoke to a woodpecker “drilling” on the gutters.  After several attempts of beating on our bedroom window and yelling “Hey, knock it off”, I decided sleep was not on my agenda for the day.

With one eye open, this morning, I stared at the clock.  It read 7:30 a.m.  I suppose he took the day off.  We will see what tomorrow brings.