Pleasant surprises, and thoughts of cooler days in the Midwest

I wrote this post back in March, and forgot to post on my blog.  Hopefully, this will help you all beat the heat with these three-digit temperatures we have been having lately.

Here you go –


Blog post, March 7, 2012

Sabrina, our Australian Shepherd, was super-hyper this morning, running throughout the house in anticipation of new sights, sounds and smells outdoors.

Donning my white down-filled coat over nightgown and robe, I slipped on my sandals and grabbed the dog’s lead.  We headed outside through the garage door that led to the back yard.

Stepping onto the concrete patio, Sabrina started whining.  I was puzzled.

Looking out across the far end of the yard, I spotted something in the break between the two trees.  The break was picturesque, and served as a gateway to the field.  Within the sunny opening, a beautiful doe presented itself broadside.

She was curious about Sabrina and me, so we moved into position behind the beige pampas grass attempting to camouflage ourselves.

Standing there for a few minutes, the doe locked a gaze on us.  As quickly as she appeared, she exited through the gateway sprinting across the neighbor’s wheat field.

After our usual morning walk around the yard, Sabrina and I decided to investigate the three small piles of whole walnuts I left on the weathered wood bench by the stone fire pit last evening. Several months old, the nuts tasted ‘woody’. While I found them inedible, I figured the squirrels might be interested.

They weren’t.

Upon my approach, I discovered an eight inch wet circular spot on the bench.  I remember my husband telling me that when a deer eats they sometimes grind dirt into their food.  Deer rely on their keen sense of smell for finding nutrients.  Tiny remnants of the walnuts remained on the wet bench with slight scrapes in the wood.  I smiled.

Sabrina and I ran quickly through the cold wet grass inside to tell hubby.

“Hey honey, I saw a doe, and it ate my walnuts!”

Russell, still fast asleep, was startled by the announcement.  In a semi-conscious state, he raised his upper body and asked, “Where, where?”

I grinned, holding back a chuckle.


Today I am thankful for –

The wisdom to repurpose stale nuts

A dog’s intuition

A beautiful deer

And a sleep-talking husband