I Go Down to the Beach….

DSCN0319 me and sab in bathing suit copyrSometimes you forget what’s important in life, when the struggles of life consume you.

Lately, I’ve been busy with our ‘healing’ coffee table book, Folly Beach Dances, and all the stuff that goes along with promoting it — social media, networking, just to name a couple of things.

I feel like I’ve been missing out on the fun stuff in life.

Like the fact that I’m going to the beach two times in less than one month, and how lucky I am.

How great my editor at AAA Midwest and Southern Traveler is to send me on these dream assignments.

How I should appreciate every stinking minute of every stinking new experience.

The lyrical words were playing in my head when I awoke this morning.  They’ve also been accepted for inclusion into Well-Versed Literary Works 2014, for which I’m grateful.

I give you –

Ode to Sunset Beach

I go down to the beach today
to play
and cast my worries away.

I go down to the beach today
to remember
my carefree childhood of yesterday.

I go down to the beach
to savor
glistening rays,
tempestuous waves,
and nature’s folly.

I go down to the beach
to gaze
at lovers embracing,
six seagulls pacing,
and toddlers named Molly.

I do down to the beach
to pray
for sea turtles’ gestation,
Bird Island’s preservation,
and new found friends.

I go down to the beach today
because it moves me
with a wise silence,
and physical magnificence.

I go down to the beach
because I can.

I go down to the beach
because I am.

© Copyright, Sheree K. Nielsen, 2013