A book deal! “Midnight, The One-Eyed Cat”

For two years, I stared at a particular phrase on the cork bulletin board in my office that my husband conceived as a book title about our 16 year old black cat, Midnight thinking, “I need to write a book about this…”

Midnight loved to prance throughout the house, her tail held high, the end sometimes waving or curling like a soft feather.

Last fall, on a gorgeous crisp morning, I awoke and penned Midnight’s tale to paper. But it wasn’t quite finished, and I couldn’t quite finish it without the creative words of fellow animal lover and friend, Pat Wahler.

I said to her, “You see, there’s this cat, and she has disabilities….”

Thus began a beautiful friendship where “Midnight, The One-Eyed Cat” blossomed on paper, and in both of our hearts.

Over coffee, tea, and chocolate at a favorite hangout in Cottleville, we edited, wrote, and re-edited. Months later, we sent off queries. A well-respected local publisher responded, touched by Midnight’s story, and offered words of encouragement, positive feedback, even suggestions for revisions.

Of course, this called for more coffee, tea and chocolate as we edited away.

When Pat and I felt we were ready, we resubmitted and sent off the revised story to the publisher.

About a month ago, we signed a contract with Amphorae Publishing for “Midnight, The One-Eyed Cat” – a picture book about overcoming disabilities, building confidence, and realizing it’s okay to be you, just the way you are.

We’re so excited to embark on this journey and can’t wait to bring Midnight’s story of courage to children near and far!

Here’s a pic of our pretty girl….(In real life, she is not disabled)


Do you have a Morning Ritual that Centers Around your Pets?

There’s something to be said for a morning ritual.  I could perform it with my eyes closed.

The best part is tending to my four fur babies. Falling out the front door in my robe, sandals, and down-filled Lands End coat, I watch in amazement as my two crazy canines play in the front yard. The neurotic mini Aussie endlessly terrorizes our Bernese/Aussie mix while he is foraging for Bradford pears on the ground, or doing his daily ‘chore’.  Back inside, they receive tasty treats.

I round up their food while I’m cooking instant oatmeal.  Of course, I’ve got to sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on the Purina Dog Chow for a little more flavor.

I grab a mug from the cupboard and heat water for my tea in the microwave.  While it’s cooking, I open the blue pail of kitty kibble located inside the pantry, and scoop out equal portions of two Purina dry favorites into the cats’ mid-century antique food bowl.

Undoing the twist tie that secures the bread, I remove a piece of high fiber bread, pop it in the toaster, and retrieve the butter from the frig. That’s where black kitty diva comes in.  She waits patiently for her butter fix.

As I retrieve the oatmeal from the microwave, I add raspberries, milk, sugar and cinnamon and pop back in for another minute.  During this time, I open the dining room curtains for my special boy – my 3-legged Tuxedo cat.  He loves the sun and his window to the world.

I place my tea, oatmeal, and toast at the kitchen table.  As I sit, four eyes stare up at me, waiting for a ‘treat’ of buttered toast – aka, “Lunker Boy” and “The Princess.”

DSC_0166 Bordeaux and Sabrina crop smaller file copy

This is ‘my time’, and I embrace Charlie, Gayle, and Nora from the CBS Morning Show, and feel content that I’ve taken care of my little animal children.

What’s your morning ritual?