A World’s Fair Home – Karen Kalish Clayton mansion showcases her art collection – pub’d Missouri Life

Good afternoon everyone,

I had the opportunity to step inside a real piece of history – a World’s Fair Home patterned after the Missouri Building from the World’s Fair in 1904, when a query I submitted to Missouri Life that came to fruition.

Entrepreneur, Karen Kalish owns the magnificent home in the historic Old Town Clayton district, and has filled it to the brim with her personal charm and eclectic style, all the while showcasing her extensive collection of art work.

Here’s my feature article and photographs that appeared in the August 2015 issue of Missouri Life. I especially fell in love with her pets while doing the story.

Maybe, she’ll invite me back just to hangout?

Peace out and love,


ML0815 A World's Fair Home - Karen Kalish_Page_1

ML0815 A World's Fair Home - Karen Kalish_Page_2

“Over the River and Through the Wood” – A Claverach Farm Thanksgiving

086 ML1014 copyGood afternoon,

I’ve been waiting to post my 6 page full-feature story published in Missouri Life October/November issue about Claverach Farm in Eureka, that hosts Sunday Suppers and serves sustainable and organic fare from their farm.

This was our second Thanksgiving at Claverach. My first experience in 2012 I was able to take in the sights and sounds and fully embrace every minute of the Claverach Farm experience. Thanksgiving 2013 was a little different, as I needed to pay attention to the details, knowing full well this story was going to publication.

Without, further ado, I give you,

“Over the River and Through the Wood -Experience Thanksgiving at Claverach Farm”


087 ML1014 copy





088 ML1014 copy


089 ML1014 copy



090 ML1014 copy


091 ML1014 copy

The Writing Process, and Favorite Women Bloggers

Cover photo - Seagul close up Folly Beach revised logoI’m honored that Mary Horner has invited me to be part of a blog chain to discuss my writing process.

Mary Horner is the author of “Strengthen Your Nonfiction Writing”, and is also a contributing author in my healing coffee table book, Folly Beach Dances – The Infinite Rhythms of a South Carolina Seashore. Mary’s a member of our critique group, a wonderful person, and a communications professor at St. Charles Community College. She blogs at http://writrteachr.blogspot.com/

1. What am I working on?

My ‘healing’ coffee table book, Folly Beach Dances – The Infinite Rhythms of a South Carolina Seashore, due out mid-April, published by Ocean Spirit Photography. It combines my husband’s and my love affair of Folly Beach, South Carolina, through our photography and literary interpretations, and reflections from five award-winning women authors. Visit our official website.

I’ve just submitted a full feature article on an organic/sustainable farm due out in October, and a local restaurant review due out in June, for Missouri Life.

My newest assignment for AAA Midwest Traveler and AAA Southern Traveler will find me in the Caribbean this month. This full-feature travel story will be published in September 2014.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

It’s deeply inspirational, positive, as well as reflective. I try to find universal beauty and rhythm in nature, people, and even structures. I’m a beach gal at heart, and my writing usually draws me to the seashore.


3. Why do I write what I do?

Simple answer. Because I love it.


4. How does your writing process work?

If photography is involved (which it usually is), I typically snap photos for recreating the essay, poem, or story at a later date.

I usually carry a pad and paper with me. (I’m old school). Then, in the quiet of the morning when the songbirds are chirping and the sun is at its lowest point in the sky, I transcribe my notes onto my computer.

My critique group usually gives me great feedback through the editing process. That’s how the story, essay or poem evolves.


5. The last step in this process is to invite two other authors to participate in the blog chain.

I hope that my writer buddies, Patti Hall and Becky Povich, will continue this blog chain.

Patti Hall is a 54-year old veteran of life, who ran away to a little fishing village on the Washington Coast. She blogs about her journey, the daily grind, and writerly tips. I met Patti through twitter, and I love her blog http://1writeplace.com/blog/

Becky Povich is a writer, humorist, and bliss follower who blogs about crazy and goofy things life has placed in front of her. Her new book is a journey of life, titled “Pigtails to Chin Hairs.” Becky is somewhat unpredictable, and basically a funny (side-splitting) lovable woman. Visit her website at http://www.beckypovich.com/purchase.html

Thanks Mary Horner for inviting me to participate in the blog chain.

Remember, there’s beauty in every living thing.

Stay positive and remember to dance,




Van Buskirk’s Chocolate Bar – Like going to Italy for expresso! – New publication, Missouri Life

homemade ice cream and sorbet, & drinking chocolate

homemade ice cream and sorbet, & drinking chocolate

Here’s my newest restaurant review about a sweet spot in Cottleville, Missouri.  Took my in-laws there yesterday, and they commented it was the best expresso they’d tasted since their visit to Italy last year.

And that’s saying something!

Van Buskirk’s has an extensive menu of drinking chocolates, coffees, hand-painted truffles and a full bar menu.

Let me know what you think of my Missouri Life article and pics, and if you’ve visited places like this in your area.

My favorite – the affagato – two shots of expresso poured over handmade salted caramel ice cream.  Yummy!

ML1213 pg 081 Van Buskirks

My new publication “License to Soar” in Missouri Life – Patrice Billings – First female police officer helicopter pilot in the nation

My feature story about Patrice Billings, the first female helicopter pilot in the nation, finally made it to print.

“License to Soar – Patrice Billing’s love of adventure and flying opened the way to a life of firsts” appears on page 106 and 107 of the October Missouri Life issue.

I first met Patrice during the hustle and bustle of last year’s Christmas season on Main Street, St. Charles, Missouri coming out of the Life is Good store.  She was quite an interesting woman.  The interview took place at her home in January.  I soon discovered the many amazing goals this woman had set for herself, and accomplished.

Please enjoy her story, and maybe you can find inspiration to soar to heights to achieve your goals, like Patrice did.

Click on the link below:

Missouri Life pg. 106 106 ML1013 Patrice Billings

Miissouri Life pg. 107 107 ML1013 Patrice Bilings

DSC_1273 Patrice close up face

Letters From All Over – Missouri Life – Tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright

I received my copy of the Missouri Life April/May 2013 in the mail yesterday.  A thick magazine, it’s full of stories and fun things to do in Missouri.

I flipped open the copy and began browsing.

Much to my delight, on page 16, the second comment in the “Letters From All Over section” was a nice thank you letter from Joanne Kohn, Board Chairman for the Frank Lloyd Wright home on the feature article I penned with photography in the February 2013 issue.

Last month Joanne sent me an email, thanking me for the article and the photography.   I immediately forwarded the email to my editor, Danita.  Little did I know she’d be publishing the kind words in the April magazine.

In turn, I sent her a nice thank you for using Joanne’s comment.

Attached is the comment for your reading pleasure.

Also if you want to read the original article “Gateway to Wright” click here and it will link to my blog post of February 5, 2013.

Mo Life letters April May 2013001

New Publication – Gateway to Wright – Missouri Life

Last fall, I sent a proposal to my editor at Missouri Life for an idea on a famous home.  I receive a contract for a feature story with photos for the Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Ebsworth Park.  A fan of Wright’s for many years, I was ecstatic to receive the assignment.

After contacting Joanne, the home’s board chairman, we set up a time for a tour.  Although I’d visited the iconic structure before with hubby and family, the second time around left me with a new found appreciation for Wright’s concepts and architecture.

Over the course of my assignment, my love affair with Frank Lloyd Wright deepened.  His Japanese-inspired influence, use of geometric shapes and natural materials made him all the more appealing to me.

Joanne mentioned I was only the third photographer allowed to capture the home’s interior, and the first photographer to have a published photo of the Cherokee Red gate at the entrance of the home.  I’m the first writer/photographer to do a story on the home fact-checked by the board chairman.

Joanne sent me a very nice email on February 8, 2013.

“Dear Sheree,
I was able to buy Missouri Life this week and saw and read the article.  It is outstanding!  The photography is amazing.  Thanks for taking so much time to hone the article and make it as interesting and as accurate as possible.
We are going to distribute the article widely to our friends and patrons.  It is a great tribute to your perception and to the house.
Thanks so much.”


Hope you enjoy the article.  It’s one of my proudest achievements.

With the exception of one photo, I used ambient light to capture the home’s essence.

Click on the link and copyrighted material below:

Mo Life Feb 2013 – LR FLW

Heart Irish Fare – my newest restaurant review – McGurks

Check out my latest restaurant review of McGurks Public House on page 65 of the February issue of Missouri Life.  The photo of the Iowa Pork Chop is mine, too!

ML0212_McGurks RestReccos_Page_2

065 ML0212 McGurks Public House review

Just published in Missouri Life – “The Horse Knows the Way” by Sheree K. Nielsen

Check out my article on page 51 of Missouri Life Outdoors for the Holidays issue entitled “The Horse Knows the Way” on horse-drawn sleigh rides complete with photo.  Also on page 46 you will find another photo of Rachel, a Percheron Draft Horse.

051 ML1211 The Horse Knows the Way MO Life

New publication – Restaurant review – Jilly’s Cupcake Bar and Cafe

086 ML0611 Jilly’s Cupcake Bar food review


Check out my new publication and restaurant review in Missouri Life Magazine, and see what scrumptious food Jilly’s Cupcake Bar and Cafe in U City serves.  Click on the link above.