Inside the Bahamas Out Islands – Just published in AAA Midwest Traveler and Southern Traveler

Here’s the link to my newest feature story about three Bahamian Out Islands

“Inside the Bahamas Out Islands”  (AAA Southern Traveler)

“Inside the Bahamas Out Islands” (AAA Midwest Traveler)



As I was organizing this morning, I came across the envelope in which the AAA contributor copies were shipped.

There was a nice letter from the Regional Manager of AAA Southern Traveler that said “the story made me want to head to the Bahamas right now” and thanked me for “sharing your excellent work with our members.”

And to think, I almost threw this envelope away. ..

“The Edge” published March 15 in “The Abaconian” – newspaper of the Abaco Islands

Please enjoy my essay about an encounter with a ten-foot reef shark in the Abaco Islands.  The photo credit is to Russell Nielsen, my husband, who fearlessly snapped the picture of the shark.

Click on the links below.  Essay is on page 11 and page 18 of the newspaper.

Mar 15, 2012 A 11 The Edge

Mar 15, 2012 A 18 The Edge