Double Yolks? Pregnancy in your 60’s?

As I was crisping my bacon today in the microwave, the thought of scrambled eggs popped in my head. So I snatched the last two cage-free eggs in the frig, and proceeded to crack them in a cheery aqua starburst-patterned ceramic bowl. Much to my surprise, the first egg was a double yolk.

Curiosity struck, and before I could begin my scramble, I just had to google the meaning of a double yolk.

According to a bon appetit post on Gail Damerow, a prolific chicken writer, who operates a family farm in Tennessee, Gail can spot a double yolker without even cracking them.

“It takes 25 hours to make one egg,” says Damerow. “When a hen is hatched, they come into the world with a certain number of ova – it’s like a bunch of grapes that’s hangs from the backbone.”

When a hen is mature enough, ova grow one at a time until they’re the size of a yolk. Breaking away from the ovary, it moves through the oviduct, her glands secrete a substance called albumen (the white), and a substance to form the shell. An egg is born.

Typically, a double yolker normally comes from a young hen.

The article in bon appetit goes on to say, “If you find yourself with a double yolker, think of it as a gift of an amateur hen’s early work, like the joyfully scribbled drawings of a toddler but more nutritious.

Interested to find what symbolism or superstitions comes with a double yolk egg, I googled further…

According to the Encyclopedia of Superstitions by Richard Webster, double yolked eggs are believed to be a sign of good luck. It can also mean that someone in your immediate family is pregnant.

I doubt if I’m with child, as I just started my official reign as a geriatric – collecting social security. My niece is young and unmarried, and just started a new career. I have second cousins that are of childbearing age. Girls are you not telling us something? Keeping a secret, eh?

The spiritual meaning of a double yolked egg is they provide great luck and happiness. Chances of cracking a double yolker are 1/1000! I feel really special…sort of like winning an egg lottery.

Some people have even found triple yolks, and as many as nine yolks in one egg.

As I sit here feasting on my crispy bacon, scrambled eggs with dill, and multigrain toast with butter and lingonberry jam, I can’t help but think how the yolk is my favorite part of the egg, and today I was lucky enough to discover two in one.

Please enjoy my favorite key lime pie recipe made with just egg yolks:

Ever dreamt of a Healthy Key Lime Pie without the healthy taste? Your prayers have been answered! It's got the perfect combination of tart and sweet, rich and creamy, and healthy and delicious! -- Healthy Dessert Recipes with sugar free, low calorie, low fat, high protein, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options at the Desserts With Benefits Blog (


Mrs. Biddles Key Lime Pie

One 14 oz. can sweet and condensed milk

4 egg yolks

½ cup key lime juice (or lime juice)

Combine milk and egg yolks at low speed. Slowly add juice, mixing until well blended. Pour into 9” graham cracker pie shell and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Refrigerate for an hour. Serve with whipped cream.


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Yoga with Baby Goats & a Coastal Irish Pub – my newest publications


Copyright Shenanigoats Yoga 2018

Good Morning Everyone,

Normally, I don’t post freelance publications on my blog. My blog is mainly inspirational posts and content. But…I’m just so excited on how these two assignments turned out, I wanted to share with you.

The first is a story on Shenanigoats Yoga in Nashville, Tennessee titled “Got Goats” (published in Long Weekends Spring Summer 2018) and how much fun goat yoga can be!

The second is a three-page spread on Fibber McGee’s, Sunset Beach, North Carolina’s only Irish Pub with a coastal flair, titled “Luck of the Irish” (published in South Brunswick Magazine Spring 2018). Sunset Beach is my favorite place to vacation, and Fibber’s is amazing!

So here you go! Enjoy the stories, and feel free to leave comments below.

Happy Monday! It snowed here in the Midwest last night, so I’m loving it!

Peace out,


ShereeLong Weekends pg 97 Spring Summer 2018 crop

South Brunswick spring 2018 Luck of the Irish pg 90

South Brunswick spring 2018 Luck of the Irish pg 91

South Brunswick spring 2018 Luck of the Irish pg 92

When Life Gives you Beans (Or Don’t Cry Over Spilled Chili)

I really hadn’t planned on blogging today.  But sometimes life doesn’t go as scheduled.

Last evening, my husband, Russell was excited.  Excited, because he was cooking up a pot of my mom’s homemade chili with his super-secret spicy ingredients for the at&t Chili Cookoff in Bridgeton, Missouri.

Granted, an argument almost ensued (a time or two) during the cooking process.

“Does the chili need something else added to it,” he asked.

Raised in a German and Lithuanian household, I suggested “More spices, it needs more spices.”

A little more cumin, a pinch more red repper, a dash of cinnamon, and chili powder to boot!

“Okay, now taste it,” he said.

As I lifted the spoon to my lips and sampled the savory sustenance, I felt a ‘slow burn’ on the trip from tongue to my tummy.

“It needs more heat,” he commanded.

As I stirred the large stockpot full of meat, beans, and sauce, he chopped the ‘secret ingredient’ and added it to the mix.

“Too hot for me,” I commented.

“That’s what I was going for!”

With chili refrigerated, and the dishes clean, it was time for bed.

This morning, after loading up the Silverado with the crockpot, and a quick goodbye kiss for his better half, Russell was on his way.

Within a few minutes, my cell phone rang with the song, “Hey, hey, good-looking.”  I sensed something wrong – problems with the truck.  Even worse, the crockpot toppled over.

“Open, the *#@&% *  garage door!” he yelled.

I waited patiently (as sometimes wives do) inside.

Hearing footsteps on the concrete floor of the garage, I opened the door.

“I lost half the chili!  It’s all over the floorboard.  When I rounded the corner, it just went!  They’re lucky if they get ONE BEAN to taste.”

Sensing his frustration, quickly, I rinsed the lid and wiped the sides of the crock.  I took my personal stash from last night out of the frig, and added it to the chili and 6 ounces of water to thin it out.

As I glanced over at him, I noticed a familiar look on his face.  He was bummed out.

“It’s going to be okay.”

“Thanks. I’m going outside to clean the truck.”

Upon entering the house again, I could tell his mood had lifted.

“It’s in my speakers!” he laughed.

“Honey, you really need to tape that lid down,” I suggested.

With duct tape in hand, Russell was taking no chances.  He proceeded to tape the glass lid to the crock with distinct precision.  I slid a ladle under the tape to help him out.

I chuckled.

“What’s so funny?”

“I have a name for the chili.”

“What is it?”

“Mom’s Floorboard Chili.”

“I like it.”

“There’s a funny story behind that name.”

I grabbed the Nikon and took a pic of the crockpot with its new silver bling.

In a flash, he was out the door again, carrying the ‘secured’ chili.

I hope he wins the chili cookoff today.  Not because the chili is really, really tasty, but because he didn’t cry over spilled chili.  (Get it?)

Sometimes, when life gives you spilled chili, you just have to go on and figure out a new recipe for life.

A little teamwork helps.

DSC_1413 chili smaller file

Photoshoot – Chef Jason McGraw, Executive Chef, Levy Restaurants and Edward Jones Dome

This October I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot of Chef Jason McGraw for Missouri Life for their December 2012 Missouri Beef Association Advertorial.

During my time with Jason, I discovered he was a pretty cool guy, not to mention he captured first place for a beef dish with the association.

My husband came along as my assistant, and chatted with chef while I searched for interesting places to shoot.

Turns out, the two of them had alot in common – hunting, fishing, and motorcycles.

While I also snapped pics of a beautiful brisket he prepared, those photos didn’t  make it into the article.

Attached is the pic that did, straight from the pages of Missouri Life.   MO Life- Dec 2012 -Chef McGraw - SNielsen

While shooting Chef, I asked him if he could show me some ‘attitude’.  The pic below is the result.