God Bless the United States of Coffee!

A pony-tailed bleach blonde mom in a teal tank top frenetically scans her Nook with one hand, while her other hand covers her mouth and aqua blue Android phone.  Her preteen daughter (the spitting image of her mother) loses interest, hops up and makes a beeline for the dessert selections hidden behind the shiny glass case.

Deep in conversation, a fifty-something grey-haired man sits across from a pretty woman. Mounds of paper lay before them.  The woman favors Jenna Elfman, the actress.  She appears distraught – talking, scribbling, making hand motions, and riffling papers.  Definitely well-manicured, she wears a tan form-fitting top, designer jeans and beige leather heels. Occasionally, she pauses to sip from a paper cup.

A cute young couple playfully nibbles danish while making eye contact with one another.  I suspect they are in the first stages of romance or possibly newlyweds.  She is clad in nurse scrubs, he wears a polo shirt, jeans and a ball cap.

A clean-faced college-type brunette sporting a navy hoodie, stretchy shorts and tennis shoes, reads from a thick book while tapping her pencil on the table.   She sips coffee from a mesh-like cup.

As I garner a second look at the individuals, I notice all of them have one thing in common – coffee.

Whether you talk about what weekend he takes the kid; problems encountered when your business starts to go bad; where to go for a romantic weekend; or study for a final – you can always count on coffee to get you through the good times and the bad.

As I sit in one of my favorite coffeehouses in Chesterfield Valley sipping my Café Mocha, reading More Magazine, my mind wonders to the events of the day, and I realize if it wasn’t for coffee, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.

God Bless our hand-harvested, picker-upper, rich in antioxidants, organic, full-bodied, subtle flavored, smooth and balanced coffee beans!

Pour me another cup.  Please.