Winter’s Kiss – A poem

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On this wintry weekend, I remembered a poem I penned after taking a walk with my mini Australian Shepherd a year or so ago.

The poem stirred up memories.  It also made it to publication this year in Well-Versed Literary Works 2013.

Please enjoy.


Winter’s Kiss

The cold kiss of winter brushes my rosy cheeks

and snowflakes drop like confetti.

Five gaggles of graylag geese soar overhead

north to south

in the hazy cotton sky.

I stand reticent,



to their cackling,

as if I were multilingual.

They settle in the field nearby,


as an experienced aviator

sideslipping a glider in for a landing.


My new publication “License to Soar” in Missouri Life – Patrice Billings – First female police officer helicopter pilot in the nation

My feature story about Patrice Billings, the first female helicopter pilot in the nation, finally made it to print.

“License to Soar – Patrice Billing’s love of adventure and flying opened the way to a life of firsts” appears on page 106 and 107 of the October Missouri Life issue.

I first met Patrice during the hustle and bustle of last year’s Christmas season on Main Street, St. Charles, Missouri coming out of the Life is Good store.  She was quite an interesting woman.  The interview took place at her home in January.  I soon discovered the many amazing goals this woman had set for herself, and accomplished.

Please enjoy her story, and maybe you can find inspiration to soar to heights to achieve your goals, like Patrice did.

Click on the link below:

Missouri Life pg. 106 106 ML1013 Patrice Billings

Miissouri Life pg. 107 107 ML1013 Patrice Bilings

DSC_1273 Patrice close up face