And Heaven and Nature Sing

DSC_0615 birds on magnolia tree copyr

The thing I love most about Christmas is the beautiful connection I feel to nature. Not that I don’t feel it all year long, but this time of year fills my heart with visions of birds forraging for seeds, the squirrels hiding their acorns for next spring, or a graceful buckskin deer meandering through our yard. My neighbor’s 100 year old white-washed barn in the field gives way to many photo ops as my snow boots crunch through cut stacks of hay in field, as my pooches romp with me.

I am reminded of the Christmas carol “Joy to the World” which stirs up vivid images of Joseph and Mary in the manger, sheep and donkeys resting astride, as the couple await the birth of their son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I think back to that time, and the brilliant star that guided the Three Wise Men to the manger, and how magnificent the sky must have been – shining bright for all to see, as angels watched from above.

“Joy to the World,

The Lord has come,

Let Earth receive her King.

Let every heart

prepare him room

And Heaven and Nature sing.

And Heaven and Nature sing.

And Heaven and Nature sing.”

Wow. What powerful words those are.

I can only imagine heaven and nature jubilantly singing –  every owl cooing, every sheep baaing, every angel trumpeting from above, in harmony.

May you have a Merry Christmas!

Joy Noel!

DSC_1762 squirrel nuts crop copyr




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