Thoughts on Being a Travel Writer


frangipani – Sandals Cay

In case you missed my thoughts “On Being A Travel Writer for AAA” in the Funds for Writer’s online newsletter, click on the link below to read tips for those wishing to break into travel writing.

Thanks to C. Hope Clark for allowing me to do a guest blog on this topic. And thanks to my editor at AAA, Debbie Reinhardt, for listening to my queries, and giving me the opportunity to travel and write for AAA Midwest Traveler and AAA Southern Traveler.

Private cabana on Sandals Cay

Private cabana on Sandals Cay

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Being a Travel Writer

  1. Thank u for your insight as a travel writer! It was very informative and highly likely that I’ll look into this. What is the first step I should take?
    Take care,


  2. G. Smith, if you’re already a seasoned writer, I suggest taking the steps in the article. If not, and you don’t have many publications to your name, you need to garner credibility in the writing world. I suggest joining a writing group in your area. They are a wealth of information and can supply useful resources along your journey. You’ll be able to submit to contests (as they usually have the scoop on publishing opportunities). You may have to accept unpaid publishing ops at first, but the more editors see your work in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies, the more accepting they’ll be to publish yours, and soon you’ll be on your way to paid gigs. Writer’s groups are an excellent outlet to connect with other writers. You can also join a critique group as a sounding board for your work. I’ve been in 4 critique groups in the last 6 years.The writers are honest, and help with ideas on how to improve and edit your work. Sometimes they’ll even turn into blossoming friendships. Start small, but think big! And show, don’t tell, when you’re writing.

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