Phones on the beach? Really? Are we too ‘phone’ dependent?



Lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been using my phone more. Probably because it’s a new Samsung Galaxy 3 mini.

My old phone lacked a lot of things – data, ease of maneuvering, a decent camera. It was just, well, outdated and crappy.

I remember a jazz concert my husband and I attended for our wedding anniversary a few years ago. We saw the hot Dutch alto-saxophonist, Candi Dulpher. She was incredible. After the show she signed autographs, CDs, and took pictures with her fans.

Hubby snapped a pic of Candi and me with my old phone. I almost cried. It was terrible. Fuzzy, pixilated, and dark. But instead, I laughed. What could I do? I had a crappy phone.

I love my new Samsung Galaxy 3 mini for the following reasons –

1. The charges last longer
2. It’s easy to download apps
3. When I wake up and turn on my phone, it tells me the weather
4. The camera is great
5. I can toggle between 2 twitters accounts, easily – @ShereeKNielsen and @follybeachdance
6. It has a notepad…. Great for writers
7. Texting is easier
8. Can check gmail and facebook quicker than turning on my laptop
9. I have data! (Something I never had on my old phone)

However, I find myself checking my phone more….at home, at Starbucks, at restaurants, while watching TV. This concerns me as I don’t want to be in love with my phone.

Two things I refuse to do with my new phone –

1. Text while driving
2. Bring my phone to the beach

Last summer I saw people, a small percentage, checking their phone on the beach.

The beach?
C’mon people!
What is wrong with you?

I guess if you don’t have a camera, and you want to take pictures on the beach, maybe.

The sand, the sea, the sun, the salt air, birds soaring overhead, the tepid ocean between your toes – what could be better than this?

Certainly not checking your phone on the beach!!! Enjoy yourself and stop worrying about your phone!

This summer we have two beach trips planned. I’ll report back to you at the end of May how many peeps I witnessed using their phones. And hopefully, I won’t be one of them.

For now, I’ll leave you with a favorite quote from one of the greats, Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

‘Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.’

Any thoughts on the above topic are appreciated.



2 thoughts on “Phones on the beach? Really? Are we too ‘phone’ dependent?

  1. Sheree, I agree with you about being too phone dependent — to a point. I am guilty of using my phone when I should be enjoying myself, too. But I have been trying not to judge others (or myself!) to harshly for this . . . a parent needs to stay in touch with a child, or — as in my case — an adult child may need to check on an elderly parent. And even as far as business goes, sometimes I have to stay in touch with clients who may have a question on a project, even if I’m away from my office. It kind of just goes with having my own business and no one to help me run it. That having been said, I do try to stay off Facebook and stuff like that when I’m out and about. It is not necessary to announce to the world what I’m doing on my “time off.”

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