Book Giveaway Today – Whispering Angels Nurturing Paws


My three-legged baby vocalizing (Copyright Ocean Spirit Photography)

Today, I’m giving away a copy of Whispering Angels Books Nurturing Paws, which was recommended by the US Review of Books.  My essay “Purrs, Paws and Cat Scratch Kisses” about my three-legged cat feline companion, was published in the anthology July 2011. Local contributing authors Linda O’Connell and Faye Adams are also in the book.

Nurturing Paws_front coverThe book’s essays tell the stories of courage and love, and how animals help us heal, make us laugh, and are steadfast companions.

How do your animals heal, make you laugh, and love you unconditionally?

All those leaving a comment will be entered in a drawing for an autographed copy of Whispering Angels Nurturing Paws.  And if you chose to follow the blog, and leave a comment, you’ll double your chances of winning the book.

Check back soon — winners to be announced late Monday afternoon, December 23, 2013.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

8 thoughts on “Book Giveaway Today – Whispering Angels Nurturing Paws

  1. Sheree,
    Every pet story that would fit your question is too emotional for me to tell at this point. I had to at least write and leave a note so you know I’m wishing you the best. :>)

  2. What else can you call it, but unconditional love? I scold him when he eats used litter from the cat’s poop box. (He is on a weight management diet.) He did it again today after watching me eat some Christmas sugar cookies with friends. He knows I am angry. He comes to me with ears pulled back. His eyes are filled with deep repentance that promise not to do it again until the next time. He puts his paw on my leg. “Forgive me, dad.”


  3. Dogs are in my heart! My first boxer, Charlie (RIP), helped me survive one of the worst breakups of my life. And my new boxer, Chester, comforted me every time I came home from the NICU when my daughter was born. I will always have a dog as long as I’m able to take care of him/her. TO me, they are the best pets in the whole world. 🙂

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