Winter’s Kiss – A poem

DSC_1210 1 Willie, Ruby and Rachel copy

On this wintry weekend, I remembered a poem I penned after taking a walk with my mini Australian Shepherd a year or so ago.

The poem stirred up memories.  It also made it to publication this year in Well-Versed Literary Works 2013.

Please enjoy.


Winter’s Kiss

The cold kiss of winter brushes my rosy cheeks

and snowflakes drop like confetti.

Five gaggles of graylag geese soar overhead

north to south

in the hazy cotton sky.

I stand reticent,



to their cackling,

as if I were multilingual.

They settle in the field nearby,


as an experienced aviator

sideslipping a glider in for a landing.


8 thoughts on “Winter’s Kiss – A poem

  1. The scene depicted in your photo and poem was mine to view outside our window a couple of mornings ago. Birds were mobbing the feeder, and hanging off the suet cage. I wondered what they thought of those white branches where they normally perch on stark black space. Do they see the beauty as we do? What would it be like for us if we had to scratch for our food all day as they do?

  2. Faye, I think every living thing sees beauty. Birds sing, bees hum, dogs roll in the snow – their own folly with earth. I don’t think I’d like forraging for my food as birds do, but to them it’s just a natural process.

    • Yes, I’m sure you are correct. A friend who had inoperable cancer once said to me, “We’re better off than the birds.” My answer, “Yes, they work incessantly.” But, how much less enjoyable our world would be without them.

      Congratulations, Sheree, on your award!


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