Two Nuts are Better Than One!

DSC_1762 squirrel nuts crop copyrRecently, a furry visitor has been seeking safe haven on our back deck.  His antics are quite comical.  Since we installed our French doors, the window is a cornucopia of universal beauty.

A few weeks ago, I caught the grey squirrel foraging in my hibiscus plant.  He’d scuffle out all the dried blooms with his tiny claws, all the while digging in the dirt.  I figured he was hiding his nuts.

A couple days ago, I caught him scurrying up the back decks steps and slinking under the bottom board of the cedar gate.  From there, he scampered up the deck rail, and preened his dense fur coat.

Just yesterday, the little guy came bearing gifts.  Or should I say two gifts.  What I saw could be compared to a human sinking their teeth into, not one, but two grapefruits, at the same time.  He held those green-cased black walnuts, skillfully, so as not to drop them.

Then just a quickly as he arrived, he scaled the rails vertically, and scampered away with winter’s stash.

What hubby and I soon discovered was that Mr. Squirrel had been leaving shell casings all over the deck – on green and white outdoor rugs, under the glass table, on the railings, on the exposed deck – everywhere.  Some were cracked, some were not.

No wonder the cats were going crazy in the wee hours of the morning.

I love all creatures – furry, finned, or winged.  I’m not so found of certain bugs, or snakes.

And I am glad this little guy feels comfortable enough to hang out on our turf.

It just goes to show – two nuts are better than one!


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