Are we becoming more Dog-Friendly?

Sabrina (right) and her buddy Mosa (left) on a dog-friendly NC beach

Sabrina (right) and her buddy Mosa (left) on a dog-friendly NC beach

While dining on the patio of a dog-friendly Mexican restaurant in Wentzville, Missouri, last week, my husband and I met an American woman living in Munich, Germany.

She approached from another table, asking if she could pet our dogs.  We struck up a conversation on establishments that are dog friendly in the area – Home Depot, Rural King, Starbucks, dog parks, and other restaurants.

The mom of a canine companion she shared, “You know, in Munich, dogs are accepted everywhere. Servers even ask the owners if the dog needs anything, long before they are given a menu.”

The woman went on to say it’s not uncommon for servers to bring the dog a soup bone in a dish, accompanied by a bowl of water.  Dogs are even accepted in shopping malls in Munich.

I’ll probably be visiting Taubman Prestige Outlet Malls that opened in Chesterfield Valley this past tax-free weekend.  A ‘paw’ sticker on the window indicates stores are dog-friendly, and invites our canine friends to ‘come and browse’ alongside their human owners.

While on vacation in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, my husband and I discovered many places willing to allow Fido to hang out and relax. Even our beach rental house was dog-friendly.  Our furry friends ARE our children.  We experience life together.

 It just goes to show, times are changing.  It’s about time our pawed babies garner some social options to choose from.


10 thoughts on “Are we becoming more Dog-Friendly?

  1. I’m suspicious that “dog friendly” at Taubman is really just code for “We didn’t want to pay to carpet the floor anyway.”

    The dog-friendly schtick was nice.

    Now, if the management of Taubman could just concentrate on “male friendly.” Sheesh. Not much there for straight dudes except one sports shop and a calendar store.

  2. It does seem that way – and now I’m always surprised when a place isn’t dog-friendly! Now if only I could convince our dog not to be skittish around our bicycles so we can take her farther out…

  3. When I lived in Europe people took their dogs everywhere, it was wonderful to not have to leave them home. I took your advice and tried taking Maggie with me to Rural King. She did great, I was anxious. Well its time for my retraining.

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