Vote for me starting today, Monday, July 8 – Midlife Collage Contest

Hi blogging friends,

I’m one of five finalists in the weekly MidLife Collage contest.  Please vote for me now and my essay “The Perfect Day”.  I’d sure like to be selected as the winner, and as a perk, there’s a little cash prize.   Here’s the link:

The Judges will decide the winner based upon many factors.

So please give me a thumbs up, high-quality comments and a good reader closing arguments on

The judges will then decide who the winner is.

Email your family and friends. Anyone age 18 and over can comment on “The Perfect Day” and make a closing argument to help choose me as the winner. You can tell others my story is in the contest by posting messages on social media websites.

If you have a Facebook page, you can post a message on your wall with the link so your friends can read and comment on my story. If you post several messages on your wall during the week, it is likely more friends will notice your post and read my story. If you don’t have a Facebook page, ask a friend to post the link on their wall promoting my story.

 If you have a Twitter account, tweet that my story, “The Perfect Day” can be found at If you tweet this several times a week, it is likely that more people will read your my story. 

Every writer’s organization I’ve been apart of, and every publication that I’ve been selected for, shows up in my bio on their website.  So please, vote for me!



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