When Parents Are Away (in the Bahamas) Animal Children Will Play — Part Three

DSC_2034 umbrellas Nassau copryAs some of you might know, my hubby and I added a new canine child to our family about a month ago.  He’s half Bernese, half Aussie. (see photo)DSC_1697 Bo smaller file

Although we were conflicted about leaving for a travel assignment by AAA in the Bahamas (hard decision), we asked our youth minister Brandon to housesit while we were gone.

Since the arrival of the new dog, our other dog, a mini Aussie has been quite happy and content.  She was quite a gatherer.  We were used to seeing shoes, cat toys, pillows, underwear, among other household items waiting for us after we arrived home from errands.

DSC_1700 Sab and Bo nose to nose smallerThree days into our vacation, we Skyped with our house sitter and he alerted us to the fact one of the dogs must have been frustrated while we were gone.  So much so, they destroyed a bed pillow, and a ‘cuddling’ pillow the three-legged cat likes.  And the TV remote.

dog pillows torn up IMG_4699 dog pillows

I have to admit I laughed so hard, tears flowed freely when he showed us the photos.  I imagine my carefree attitude had something to do with the lovely Caribbean atmosphere of Sandals Resorts.

We called Brandon again on Tuesday, and he told us one of the dogs had destroyed their bed.  It was the big fluffy new ‘pet pad’  we purchased just weeks prior.

Still no worries.

“They’re mad.” I told him.  “Did you walk them twice today?”

Brandon hesitated.  “No.  Just once.”

“Try walking them again this evening.”


We touched base with Brandon on the way home.  He said they were doing much better.  Upon arrival, Brandon showed us the bags of fluff extracted from the dog beds and pillows.

I told him not to worry about.

I took a couple hours mending what I could, repairing what seemed salvageable.

After a day of chores, hubby and I decided to go grab a Culver’s custard.  As we walked in the house and turned the corner to the living room, this is what we saw.

We’d been gone 45 minutes.

DSC_2224I think I’ll go back to Sandals Resorts.

At least there we can get 8 hours sleep and butler service…


4 thoughts on “When Parents Are Away (in the Bahamas) Animal Children Will Play — Part Three

  1. Oh my. Separation anxiety is not fun. My girlfriend once left one of her teeny, tiny Yorkies in a wire mesh crate on the floor of our kitchen when we went out to lunch. When we got back, she had moved it all the way into the family room and chewed up the rug we had by the door–to pieces, tiny, shredded pieces. Thank God it wasn’t the wall-to-wall carpeting she took her frustrations out on! I feel for you. Glad you had a good time in the Bahamas! Jack

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