Images and Footprints…

A cross near the Kindred Spirit Bench on Bird Island

A cross near the Kindred Spirit Bench on Bird Island

While hubby and I were walking back from Bird Island Sunday evening, I met a woman accompanied by a friendly pooch.

My Aussie and black Labrador touched noses as they passed – an amicable greeting between canines.

We paused and chatted for awhile.  A common bond connected us – Nancy teaches English at Radford University in Virginia, and I appreciate reading and writing the English language.

Last evening, tired from a hot plasma overdose, (the sun), I wished to walk Brina.

Owner and companion opted for a different route and strolled the streets between our rental house and the pier.  Our feet and paws never failed and led us to the walkway to the 1st Street Access.

Taking a break, my baby girl dog and I gazed at the deep blue and the fishing pier.

A recognizable face came into view in a bright pink t-shirt being pulled by a feisty black dog.  It was Nancy.

We stood there for maybe ten minutes and conversed, then rested at the gazebo for a final glimpse of the sunset.

Our dogs chilled, while we talked about writing, editing, books, dogs, vacations, and photography.  Snapping an image with her camera the previous day, Nancy described a scene of Jazz playing and rolling in the sand minutes before the sun set over the marsh.  Somehow that image stuck in my mind.

I’ve often said before every picture tells a story.  And what a great story her Labrador, Jazz could tell if she could just talk.

I found Nancy to be a Kindred Spirit – Someone who enjoys capturing memories with photographs (just as much as I do) and then telling a great story to go along with them.  Someone who appreciates life’s unexpected moments…

Yesterday, I rode bikes with new friends Jacqueline and Sandy.  As we peddled back from the Kindred Spirit bench at Bird Island, guess who we ran into?


Coincidence? Maybe.  God Thing?  Definitely.

Two more days left at Sunset Beach.  I’m sure Nancy and I will meet again.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on two more Kindred Spirits…


2 thoughts on “Images and Footprints…

  1. Hi Sheree. Guess who? It’s Nancy! And to finish your blog, I did run into you one more time on my last full day at Sunset while I was walking back from my second trip to the point at Bird Island. Of course I recognized Sabrina first since I was dog watching, and then I saw who she was with. I loved that Russell took pictures and I had one surprise there–a great picture he took of us with him in it. Please tell him I love camera surprises. I’ll send you some pictures from that last visit as well as a few others I took from Sunset and Bird Island as soon as I have your email address.

    On one of my walks to the jetty at Bird Island as I was looking across the sound at the high rise hotels of North Myrtle beach and feeling thankful I was on an undeveloped island, I met a woman from The Pines area of NC who was probably between 75 and 80 years old. She had grown up near beaches and was making day trips to discover some new beaches she had never seen. Like us, she was amazed at the privacy and beauty of Bird Island and at the friendliness of the people who go there. She started talking to me about the horses she still rides and shows in hunter/jumper divisions–at her age!

    She was an inspiration to me, and as you said, maybe a spiritual thing, because a year and a half ago I retired myself and my horse from the somewhat extreme mountain trail riding we did. My bud, Scooter, is getting older. I am unexpectedly getting busier in this phase of my life and was finding it difficult to ride enough to keep him in shape for mountain trekking. He fell with me deep into a mountain area and I had one of those emergency dismount procedures causing a grade two A/C joint separation in my shoulder. Scooter and I were both able to make it down the mountain where a good friend brought a horse trailer and picked us up. I’d like to add here that I was wearing my helmet and suffered no head injury. This is my “platform” for my non helmet wearing friends.

    Riding had brought me new friends, taken me to new places, given me confidence to try new things, healed my spirits when I was down, multiplied my joy when I was happy, and above all else, taught me to love and respect animals on a deep and personal level. I was not ready to buy a new horse and build that relationship again. I had put so much into my life with Scooter and had experienced so many wonderful things with him that I wasn’t ready to move on, even though I never would have sold him. He’ll be with me until he moves on.

    At Bird Island the last day I saw you, the lady I met offered me one of about a dozen whole sand dollars she had found. I have many from Sunset Beach, so I asked her to give the one she offered me to one of her riding friends who had recently had to retire from riding and she smiled. I could tell she had someone in mind. I could tell she knew how difficult it was for a woman to give up riding her horse.

    Talking to her also encouraged me to ride some more again. I don’t have to buy a new horse and go back into riding as deeply as before. I truly don’t want to, because as a fairly new grandmother, I have so much more family to share my time with now and that is a whole new level of satisfaction. I do, however, have many friends with more horses than they can ride. I intend to make at least two camping and riding trips with my wonderful horsey friends and ride a “guest horse.” If a 75 year old woman can still jump hurdles, I can certainly find my way down a mountain trail.

    This new phase of my life is also helping me find doggy friends and I’m inspired by you as well. After reading some of your blog posts and your Kindred Spirit post, I admire your spirit, stamina, and quest for other kindred spirits. They are everywhere, and often, we run into them when we least expect it–two, three, or maybe even four times a week!


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