A Gift From the Sea

“The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient…

One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach – waiting for a gift from the sea.”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Hubby and I just dined on fish tacos and carmelized scallops at MoJo’s Restaurant at the harbor.  We decided to take another spin around Bald Head Island in our golf cart before the 5:30 p.m. ferry back to Southport.

As we motored up to the beach access at Black Skimmer Trail, the saluDSC_1673 sandy beach Black Skimmer Trail smallerbrious breezes whipped through my tangled hair.  I slipped out of my orthopedic sandals, and slid on my black flip-flops, ready to experience the silky sand between my toes.  It was a gloriously sunny day.

As we meandered down the wooden walking path perched slightly atop the dunes, the majestic Atlantic Ocean came into view.

The sand was firm.  We walked the beach and captured photos of albatross, seagulls and sandpipers skipping and dancing about the shoreline.

I know this sounds cliché, but some say surprises happen when you least expect them.

Like a message in a bottle cast by a sailor to the sea, our surprise came in the form of a plastic chair recently washed ashore.  Encrusted with camel-colored sponges and seaweed, it was a curiosity in its own right.

A gentleman happened along, just as the chair was rushing the beach.  Rescuing “sponge chair”, carefully he carried her across the sand, and up the dunes walkway.  He set her down, gently, adjacent to the blue beach access sign.

DSC_1674 sponge chair smaller

My husband, shot several photos of the chair for friends and family back home.

Within minutes, another gentleman reclaimed “sponge chair”.  We promised to send him a photo and urged him to email me as a reminder.  He whisked “sponge chair” off on another adventure — a ride secured on the back seat of his golf cart.

How long had “sponge chair” been in the deep blue?  The plant growth seemed pretty mature.  What released it from its embrace with the sea?  A storm?  Shifting sands?  The tides?  It’s almost romantic to envision.

I’m confident that “sponge chair” provided nourishment and a safe haven for a plethora of ocean life.  Or even a lair for predators.

And just as the chair was sacrificed to the sea as an offering, the sea spat her back out when she could use the chair no longer.

And so life continues, exhibiting universal beauty – a oneness, and connectedness to each other.  Within the soul, is the whole of mankind.

DSC_1676 sponge chair smaller

Please enjoy “Ode to Sponge Chair”.

The sea claimed her.

She settled softly, in the ocean depths.

Interwoven with the underwater world,

her plant growth sustained vibrant marine life.

Fish found refuge in her embrace.

The deep blue regurgitated her.

A passerby rescued her.

Curious, my husband photographed her.

A gentleman reclaimed her.

And within a few minutes,

a simple plastic chair touched four lives,

made us smile,

and no doubt gave us something to talk about for awhile.

Thank goodness, the gift from the sea wasn’t a mermaid!


7 thoughts on “A Gift From the Sea

  1. What a great story, Sheree. You really made me think about just what sea life “sponge chair” must have experienced on its journey. So many things that go on beneath the surface of our awareness! Thanks for taking me to one of my favorite places, the beach, with your beautiful description.

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