While the Parents Are Away…..Part Two

We’ve had our miniature Aussie for about a year now.  Adopted her from St. Louis Aussie rescue.  She was the second to last dog to be adopted before the shelter closed its doors.

We discovered early enough that she likes to gather things while we’re away.  Last December, I wrote a blog post on that topic.  You should check it out when you have time.

Sunday night we attended a surprise birthday party for a friend.  Before we left, we asked the animals “to be good” and lovingly patted them all on their heads.

Typically, the cats don’t get into too much mischief when we’re gone.  A pulled jogging pant drawstring, an occasional spit-up, mail knocked off the center island, is about as exciting as it gets.

On the other hand, Sabrina, our dog, is unpredictable.  Sometimes she’ll sleep on the bed or curl up on the couch.  Or destroy cardboard boxes, and pull out all the cat toys.

Not sure what triggered her adrenalin this time, but here’s a list of items we found in living room upon our arrival.  The cats were not impressed.

a pair of daddy’s Teva water shoes

brown coral chair pillow

aqua-striped chair pillow

daddy’s camo jogging pants

daddy’s t-shirt (she’s laying on it)

purple decorative bed pillow

green decorative bed pillow

a blue and white tug toy (at least we know she’s been playing)

her Veteran’s Day bling neckerchief

and the long brown dog pillow (behind her)


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