Photoshoot – Chef Jason McGraw, Executive Chef, Levy Restaurants and Edward Jones Dome

This October I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot of Chef Jason McGraw for Missouri Life for their December 2012 Missouri Beef Association Advertorial.

During my time with Jason, I discovered he was a pretty cool guy, not to mention he captured first place for a beef dish with the association.

My husband came along as my assistant, and chatted with chef while I searched for interesting places to shoot.

Turns out, the two of them had alot in common – hunting, fishing, and motorcycles.

While I also snapped pics of a beautiful brisket he prepared, those photos didn’t  make it into the article.

Attached is the pic that did, straight from the pages of Missouri Life.   MO Life- Dec 2012 -Chef McGraw - SNielsen

While shooting Chef, I asked him if he could show me some ‘attitude’.  The pic below is the result.

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