I Won’t Back Down

A break in the weather found my beloved mini Aussie, Sabrina, and me on morning walk in our subdivision; most homes sit on three acres.

As we rounded the curve in the gravel road, I looked to my right.  There, camouflaged with the scenery, at the back of the neighbor’s yard, about ten feet from the wooded creek bed, stood a coyote.

At first glance, the coyote was easily mistaken for a fawn – same tan coloring with hints of gray.

Well, the coyote and I had a stand-off.  Sabrina didn’t even notice the animal as she was too busy, head buried in the brush, taking in all the interesting smells.

The coyote-standoff lasted for at east five minutes or so.  I have seen videos where coyotes can take down deer in minutes.  Amazing.

An abandoned dog house lay on our neighbor’s property adjacent to the creek.  I believe the coyote was using this wood lean-to for refuge – never straying more than five to fifteen feet away from the entrance to the structure.

Next time I’m out for a stroll, I’m bringing the Nikon with the zoom lens.

But for now, check out this video of a cat that stared down a coyote in California – and won.

KTLA: Cat Wins Coyote Standoff, Chris Wolfe Reports


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