“The Ride” – The Run For The Wall – Story and Poem

While writing an article for a publication I freelance for, I had the privilege of meeting several riders on the Wentzville leg of the run on their journey to the Vietnam Veteran’s Wall in D.C.   They ride for many purposes, and their mission is selfless.  Barbara Bell rides in memory of her husband Christopher.  Terri “Grumpy” rides for her son who has served in the military for 12 years.  And “Skully” the Vietnam Vet from Australia loves being back in America with his allies, and believes the U.S. has great support for their troops.

Here’s a link to my newest Patch article Wentzville Opens Arms to Run for the Wall Motorcyclists Making Trek to Nation’s Capitol


Here’s poem I wrote.  It is dedicated to the veteran motorcyclists and their families entitled

“The Ride” (copyright Sheree Nielsen)

They come from all over

To ride.

For the freedom of our nation,

They ride.

ImageFor those passed on,

They ride.

For Vietnam

And all wars,

They ride.

For brothers and sisters

left behind.

They ride.

For citizens

Like you and me,

They ride.

Crossing oceans, rivers

And streams,

They ride.

From California to D.C.,

They ride.

For school and hospital visits,

They ride.

For healing,

They ride.

For children, spouses and friends,

They ride.

For camaraderie,

They ride.

For the memory of those

Killed in action,

They ride.

The bond grows greater,

Several hundred thousand strong,

And they ride.

At their final destination

They honor,

They pray,

With pride.

At The Wall.


2 thoughts on ““The Ride” – The Run For The Wall – Story and Poem

  1. The best way to know exactly what “Run For The Wall” is all about is to get on a bike and make the entire run from Rancho Cucamonga to DC. You’ll start as a stranger and arrive as a family member. What you’ll experience and see along the way will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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