A spotted eagle ray, a scary three-foot crab, a couple of ‘Potcakes’, a beautiful sunset, and some lemon meringue pie

Yesterday was sort of mellow. We dove The Cage, a dive site used to raise cobia. It sat in about 85 feet of water with netting that baby fish were placed in.  As they grew, they were used for food. The Cage was empty. Between harvests. Thank Goodness.

We dove a wall.  Saw a black tip reef shark and a spotted eagle ray (about a 7 foot wingspan). I hit 100 feet on my depth gauge. It was a cool site.

Second dive, Russell and I were own our own. We dove Tunnel Rock. Shallow, about 35 feet, coral heads scattered about on the ocean floor. Found another settlement of jawfish, around 30 of them. Upon approach they nestled down in their humble pebble-protected holes. Swam through a dark crevice and cut-thru. Russell tugged on my fin. I turned to my left and was eye-to-eye with a crab about three feet long – the head the size of a cat, ready to grab my hair with his pinchers. I swam quickly out of reach. Whew!!! Lots of macro life again.

Met a animal-lover like me, named Sharon and her two ‘Potcakes’ named Daisy and Bruno on the beach. ‘Potcake’ is a type of dog that orginated in Spain. Kind of looks like a lab but has a curled tail like a Basenji. Daisy and Bruno were silly, and loved to fetch shells in the water.  From what I understand they had a great teacher – Island Girl (Lucky.)

Took a walk to Sunrise Beach. Dined before sunset. Sunset photos. Seagul pics. Went to Sharon’s house. Good conversation.

Back to get pics of Sophie and the girls at the restaurant. Savored the homemade lemon meringue pie. I am stuffed.

Will be off the grid until next Friday. No internet service at the next hotel.


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