More diving, some photos, a cute 9 year-old, and a salty dog.

Great diving today at Cut-Thru City and Ike’s Reef with a rest stop at Bamboo Point to snorkel. Cut Thru City’s highlights were Atlantic Spadefish (beautiful silver and black stripes) and a southern stingray. I spotted a lionfish which Neal, our divemaster speared. An evasive species, they have no natural predators.

Snorkel at Bamboo Point and a school of squid. Photo shoot of Marco and Alexandria for the travel assignment.

Missing our underwater camera at Ike’s Reef.  Lots of macro life.  Banded coral shrimp, arrow crab (which I held in my hand), a Caribbean Princess nudibranch, 4-eye butterflyfish, yellow spotted stingray, jawfish galore with fluorescent blue and lime green tails, a stoplight parrotfish, a spotted cyphoma, reef butterflyfish and flamingo tongue snails.

Made a friend on the beach this afternoon. I call her Island Girl.  Essay to follow.  An old girl, 1/2 Chessie 1/2 Golden Retriever and grey hair around her mouth. Played fetch with Island Girl.  Found conch shells in the water.  Threw conch shells for Island Girl.  She would retrieve and drop them on the beach.  Not sure if she had a family, but Russell seemed to think so, as he did not want to bring home anymore pets.  Reminded us of Miss Maggie.

Getting a tan, finally.

More diving tomorrow.

Russell feeling under the weather this afternoon.

Alexandria drew me sealife pics on the hotel notepads and gave us big hugs. Oh…she ate lots of ice cream. They are leaving tomorrow.

Love Sophia (our cook) at the Cape. Homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert. And lobster the second time this week. Sigh…


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