A little bit of diving, a little bit of food, and some new friends

Great dive today at Cathedral…a haven for the greatest number of yellow-headed jawfish ever seen on one dive site. There were ‘townships’ of them. A ‘big-boy’ jawfish under the boat, and a pretty little girl with a scallop shell protecting her home. Many cut throughs and cathedral-like windows. Two elusive sharpnose puffers chasing each other through the coral beds. I think maybe they were a couple. Blennies, adult butterflyfish, groupers, the hugest crab I have ever seen (Craig you would have loved this one!), a peach azure sponge with black brittle stars within….Sigh…I could go on and on. It is good to be back in the water after such a long respite.

Working on a freelance travel assignment reporting on sports / water activities and was  offered an island excursion and a deep sea fishing outing. Just waiting to see how this works into our diving schedule. Really missing our underwater camera (sigh), but Emily at Cape Eleuthera divers is checking to see if our camera housing has compatible parts with their personal housing.

Russell, hubby, was my gracious model for a kayak photoshoot at sunset. Photos to be posted later. Met a great couple from Canada (Marco and his wife) and their little girl Alexandria.  Found a shell on the sea floor today diving,  just for her.

Met three gals on the beach tonight.  They hailed from New Zealand, South Africa and Miami and were crewing for a private yacht (about the length of a tennis court) named Atlantica.  With Off bug spray in one hand, and a glass of wine in the other, they retreated to their humble abode when the mosquitos became an infestation.

Salty from the day’s activities, I  am ready for a shower.  Really loving the people here, and the food.  Island ribs, more mahi, Chocolate vanilla mousse cake and carrot cake.

Savoring those cafe mochas made with whole milk made at the restaurant.   They don’t believe in non-fat.


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