Love Letter to Sasha (July 31-1993 June 21-2011)

Rest your weary head, my little one.  Rest your weary head.  It is now time for sleep and sweet dreams.

As you reach Rainbow Bridge, say hello to Big Guy, Mitch buddy, Rory, Miss Maggie and Scooby, and give them a lick for me.  And kiss Butch “hello”, and mom and dad, too.

Wait for me in the clearing by the new fallen snow and the scarlet berries, or on top of the picnic table in the backyard.

And don’t chase too many bunnies, you know, you wouldn’t want to hurt one.  Remember when you held a nubile bunny in your mouth, and momma told you to drop it?  Or the time a bunny got stuck in the chain link fence on Merribrook trying to escape your constant licking?

Run carefree and spirited my dear one, as you used to before your bones became weak and frail.

As 18 kisses brush your soft cheek for the last time, I whisper “I love you forever, Sister.  I will love you forever.”

I love you forever,



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