Daddy’s underwear

Preoccupied with morning chores, I heard a serious of barks coming from the bedroom.  Each bark louder than the last, Sasha our 17.5 year old dog seemed quite agitated.

Upon entering the room, she was laying in a pile of my husbands clothes he threw on the floor from the previous day.  The cotton items were not in their usual place.  They appeared to have been scooped up and relocated to a better spot…about two feet away.

In the midst of the clothes, a pair of  tidy whities (Hanes underwear) lay closest to Sasha.

In dog talk (of course), I asked what she was doing with daddy’s underwear.   She looked devilish as she turned her head from side to side as I attempted to capture her facial expressions on camera, careful not to let me acquire a head-on shot.

“Daddy’s going to be mad at you” I remarked.  She was indifferent.  Normally, the felines in the household are indifferent.  Maybe she took a refresher course from them on Monday.

I could not understand what she found so fascinating about the underwear.   Were they as fragrant as roses?  I think not.  Were they as soft as a baby’s behind? Possibly.  However, I don’t use Dreft and my husband is soon approaching the age of 42.

Sasha continued to push them with her nose until she became disinterested and exited the bedroom.

Anyway, here’s the pic.  I thought it was funny (haha) and funny (strange) enough to write about.

Have a great day.


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