Fall walkabout on our property

Leaves crunched underfoot as I walked the property.  Our 17 year old dog, tongue hanging out and eyes sparkling, scampered about like a puppy.  We had just lost our Chessie 9 days ago due to bad hips and a mass on her intestinal wall.  The two of them enjoyed exploring together.

I could tell ‘Sister’ (as I liked to call her) was having fun.   Hadn’t seen her smile like that in quite awhile.   She was ready to take on the world.

Keeping my eyes keen, I spotted interesting things on our walkabout — a hawk flying overhead, leaves swirling towards the clouds, the colors of fall and the sun shining through the heavens.    It was a glorious perfect day.  And just for a little while, I made a 17 year old dog’s (120 in human years) dreams come true.


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