Okeechobee Valmeyer Fish Fry (an excerpt)

Fried crispy catfish and frog legs are the order of the day.  My eyes are quickly diverted to the baked beans with dark molasses and thick bacon, the green pea salad with mayo, the cucumbers and onions in red wine vinaigrette and the cold corkscrew pasta salad.  Perusing the table, I stop at the pan of blackberry cobbler.  It calls out to savor a tasty forkful.  I stack high the flimsy paper plate with provisions until it is entirely covered.  Quite happy with my selections, I saunter over to my hubby and take a seat at one of the many picnic tables.


Yes, cousins it’s that time again.  Cousin Lois tells me it is the Saturday after Father’s Day.   So get your taste buds watering and I’ll fill in the rest of the story on that day.  Hope to see you there.


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